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Welcome to my blog page.


   I am delighted to introduce myself and in these early days please be patient with my very  limited skills to make the site look efficient and pretty - I am still working on it! I aim to use the page to introduce you to hundreds of items that you can use to pamper your body - and also your mind and spirit - in a far more natural way than most products on the market today.

There are several advantages in this - the products are more natural they are better for your skin and also the environment they will cost you far less you will enjoy making them both for yourself and for your friends and family I have had an interest in this subject for many, many years and I have been fortunate enough to now turn it into my business.


I am not going to make any secret of the fact that my business sells virtually all of the products that I am going to be talking about and although  I would obviously be very happy if you were to purchase the items from me - there are many other suppliers out there that you can use as well.

I intend to build the blog up into a complete reference work for making your own natural products, including essential oils, natural butters, vegetable oils, salts etc.   Some of them you can use just as they are others you can blend to suit but all recipes will be plain and simple - just like me.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you have any comments I would be delighted to hear from you - polite comments only please!




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