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Natural Sea Sponge

Sea sponges are natural multi-cellular living organisms found on the sea bed. They grow naturally in many different sizes, shapes, colours and textures. With over 5,000 different types in the world that are known about only a small selection is harvested for use. Found on the sea bed they can look just like coral, covered in a shell-like protective layer and covered in tiny holes.

After much debate over a sea sponge being plant or animal, it was decided it is a simply a multi-cellular, bottom dwelling animal. Because of this they are actually suitable for vegans and vegetarians! They don’t have brains, nervous system or a digestive system, just like plants.

Sea sponges live mainly in fresh water and provided they are harvested correctly by careful divers they are a renewable source and will grow back time and time again, causing no damage to the sea bed.

Often hard when you buy them, once exposed to water. They are highly absorbent and different sponges are suitable for different things.

Honeycomb –   Honeycomb sponges are the ultimate natural sponges in the sea sponge family. Growing in to a round plump form, the springy feeling produces a superior closeness that gently massages the skin as it cleans and exfoliates. The natural honeycomb cellular structure make them the toughest of the natural sea sponge and the most durable. A super porous texture produces super soap suds and the finest foam when bathing. The Honeycomb is famous as the King of Natural Sea Sponges. Honeycomb sponges combine an extraordinary soft and smooth surface with a very durable quality. Honeycomb is the favourite superior quality natural sea sponge and meets the highest expectations for gentle adult and baby skin care. This type of sponge is to be found in the Mediterranean Sea in depths of 15 to 60 meters. Professional divers harvest the sponges by hand-picking them from the ocean floor. The Honeycomb sponge grows at a rate of 1 to 1.5 inches per year. This very slow growing process enables the sponge to build its exceptional fine and soft, yet very durable fibre structure. Due to its exceptional superior natural quality, the Honeycomb is the most expensive type of sea sponge available in the market.

Natural Sea Sponge - Honeycomb

Silk –Cleansing with one of these beautiful natural sponges is the epitomy of luxury. Natural sponges give deep, but soft facial cleanse which other products either natural or manufactured simply cannot achieve. Grown wild in the Aegean Sea the natural silk sponges are harvested in a process that encourages regrowth so that a bumper natural harvest is available over and over again. Silk sponges are very beautiful natural sea sponges. Their aesthetic physiognomy and the very fine pores and extra soft surface make them the first choice for extra smooth facial cleaning and cosmetic use. Silk and Fine Silk are premium quality natural sea sponges, highly favoured for gentle cleaning of delicate facial skin and baby skin care. This type of sponge is to be found in the Aegean Sea and sporadically in some other parts of the Mediterranean Sea in depths of 15 to 40 meters. Professional divers harvest the sponges by hand-picking them from the ocean floor. Silk Sponges have a very compact and fine fibre structure, when used frequently their durability is limited to about 2 years. The Silk sponge is the softest sponge, ideal for facial care and baby bathing!

Natural Sea Sponge - Silk

Grass – The Grass Sea sponges from Florida present a luxuriously soft, smooth and very absorbent sponge at the most inexpensive end of the range. Still excellent quality and a marvellous product for washing, bathing or even damp/dry skin exfoliating. It is an excellent sponge to purchase if you are looking to experience the pure indulgence of the natural sea sponge for the first time. The feeling is exquisite leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed with an invigorating fresh tone at the end. Grass sponges are slightly coarser than our honeycomb sponges.

Natural Sea Sponge - Grass

Yellow - A very popular budget sponge collected from the warm clear waters of Rock Island, Florida, Gulf coast. A durable and soft budget sponge with high quality between grass and honeycomb. The Florida divers collect these sponges with great care, preserving the ocean bed and preparing for a fruitful harvest year after year.

Natural Sea Sponge - Yellow

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