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Home Made Cuticle Oil

What is a Cuticle Oil?

A cuticle oil is used to moisturise and strengthen the skin around the nail, saturate the cuticle and help give a healthy shine to your nails. Cuticle Oil also helps to reduce the signs of ageing and keep your hands soft. When your nails are hydrated they will grow quicker. There are many high street brands making and selling their own cuticle oils, often expensive for a tiny bottle.

Cuticle oil can be used every day if you wish, simply apply around the edges of your nails and massage in, I find it is best to keep my oil next to the bed and do this before going to bed.

What oils shall I pick?

There are many, many vegetable oils that are excellent for using in cuticle oil.

  • Jojoba – very popular in skin care products due to its high amounts of natural collagen, works to hydrate and moisturise the skin. This oil is a great oil as it closely resembles the skin natural sebum.

  • Coconut – highly moisturising and a great all-round oil with many benefits to skin, hair and body.

  • Almond – An inexpensive and available oil that makes an excellent base for massage and beauty products. Very rich in Vitamin E which helps keep skin strong and youthful.

  • Apricot Kernel – much like Almond oil this thin, odourless oil is very versatile that possesses multiple benefits, depending upon how you choose to use it

  • Marula – a deeply hydrating oil high in fatty acids. This oil is great for reducing skin redness while nourishing, healing, moisturising and improving skin

How do I make a cuticle oil?

After reading about the various oils you can use to make your oil I have chosen to use Jojoba and Almond. I would also like to add some essential oils to this to add some extra properties to help our nails.

I have chosen the following:

  • Myrrh – is a wonderful oil for nail growth. It’s very moisturising which protects the cuticle and nail from dryness, brittleness and breakages.

  • Geranium – It is antibacterial and antiseptic, which is great as our hands touch lots of different things every day. It is also a highly moisturising essential oil which is great for encouraging nail growth.

I would normally pick a citrus oil, but as this is a leave on product and citrus oils can cause skin pigmentation when out in the sun, so I have decided not to include it.

For the cuticle oil you will need the following:

  • 50ml Jojoba American Carrier Oil

  • 50ml Almond Sweet Carrier Oil

  • 2ml Rose Geranium Essential Oil

  • 1ml Myrrh Essential Oil

  • Roll on bottles

Depending on the size of your bottle depends on how many this will make. I have chosen some 15ml Roll on bottles so I can make for my friends as well! So, this should make about 7 roll on bottles.

1.Measure the Jojoba in a jug

2.Measure the Almond and add to the jojoba.

3.Add your essential oils – the Myrrh can be dark and thick so might require heating.

4.Mix very well and pour into your roll-on bottles and insert the roll-on cap!

Your oil is now ready to use, the roll on bottles work great so they are easy to apply to your nail and cuticle area!

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