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Room Spray

Many people don’t realise that all the lovely room sprays, diffusers and air fresheners that we pay lots of money for can be simply made at home. With some of the top brands charging big money for lovely fancy packaging it is easy to see why we can be drawn in. Making your own is SO simple and you can customise your scents and packaging!

All you need is some water, oils and a bottle! As we have mentioned in previous blogs there are many essential oils you can use with many great benefits and scents. You can make the spray for either the benefits or the scent depending on what you require. Some essential oils can deter insects, fight mould and lift your mood. Mystic Moments sell a great range of essential oil blends to ease stress relief or improve mood with calming oils, or they have a great range of scented oils to just make your room smell great, with some fantastic seasonal scents!

All you need to do to make your spay is fill your bottle with water and add your chosen oils. Once the cap is on tightly give it a good shake. We would recommend only using up to 5% essential oil in your spray as if it is too strong it can still cause problems or stain furniture. Of course, we all know water and oil don’t mix, so it will need shaking before every use. If you want your scent to last longer you can use a small amount of Vodka as a fixature.

In my room spray I have chosen to go for a wintery feel – with Clove, Orange and Cinnamon. In a 125ml plastic bottle I have 100ml of water with 3ml of Orange Sweet Essential Oil , 1ml Clove Bud Essential oil and 1ml of Cinnamon Fragrance Oil – as we all know Cinnamon Essential Oil can be a nasty one.

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