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Aromatic Car Ionizer

As we are now into September it is time to start thinking about the ‘C’ word!! With Christmas right around the corner the shops are starting to get their gift ranges in. Working alongside Mystic Moments it’s very exciting to see new products and gifts coming in.

This week I am lucky enough to get to try out one of their Car Aroma Air Purifier Ionizers.

These are great little gadgets to use in the car. I don’t personally have to drive long journeys everyday but if you do I would say they are a must!

They are very simply to use, just plug in to your cigarette lighter and the light will come on, it’s working! They release a large amount of negative ions that can effectively remove dust, pollen, smoke and PM2.5 in the air - keeping your car nice and fresh. It helps to increase concentration, enhance metabolism and relieve car sickness and fatigue.

It also has a second function as it works as an aromatherapy diffuser when essential oil is added. Not only do they keep your car smelling fresh after a wet dog walk or picking up a take away but also release therapeutic properties into your car.

We have discussed the benefits of many essential oils in previous blogs, so I will not bore you with them again, there are many to keep you calm during rush hour, keep you awake during long drives or uplift you after a stressful day. You can also use some of the essential oil blends sold by Mystic Moments – such as stress relief, confidence or relaxation.

You can buy the Aromatic Car Ionizer here HERE

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