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Homemade Hair Mask

As the weather cools, the changing of seasons and colder weather can cause slight problems for our body, skin and hair. Dry hands, sore noses and chapped lips are to name but a few, I always find my hair suffers the most. In the winter I find the need to blow dry and heat style my hair more, you can’t get away with allowing it to dry naturally. This means an increase in dry and damaged hair. This short blog will focus on which ingredients are good for hair and how we can make our own hair mask to restore and protect it.

There are so many carrier oils that are great for the hair.

  • Coconut Oil – the all-round wonder oil! It has very good moisturising properties to make the hair soft and silky. It can be used on its own as a hair mask, just apply and leave on overnight and wash out in the morning – you might want to protect your pillow.

  • Olive Oil – something we all have at home, but I bet you didn’t know it would be good for your hair. It is a great natural conditioner which makes it brilliant for brittle and dry hair. It rejuvenates dull hair and adds high shine.

  • Argan Oil – it has long been used in many shampoo and styling products. It helps prevent frizz and repair split ends along with making hair softer.

  • Macadamia Oil – full of naturally occurring antioxidants it is great for keeping the scalp moist and keeping dandruff at bay.

  • Mustard Seed Oil – the warmth from the mustard seed acts as a stimulate to encourage hair growth.

It’s not just carrier oils that are good for the hair. Many other raw materials and essential oils are good for the hair as well.

  • Honey – highly moisturising and helps to restore dull hair and add a natural glow.

  • Seaweed Powder – High in fatty acids and helps to restore minerals which can help to increase hair growth.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil – high in antioxidants that help prevent hair thinning so it is a good choice for hair care products, along with reducing the sebum that contributes towards a greasy scalp.

  • Lemon Essential Oil – a clarifying and drying oil which is great on an oily scalp. It is a good oil for treating scalp acne.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil – excellent for keeping bugs at bay, such as nits, which is great if you have little ones! It also helps relieve an itchy scalp.

Now we have gone through some of the ingredients it’s time to choose which ones to make our mask with. I personally have never thought of using honey in a hair mask before, so I think we will start with that! I will also use coconut oil, olive oil and rosemary essential oil.

  • 50ml coconut oil

  • 50ml olive oil

  • 1 Tbsp. of Honey

  • 3ml of Rosemary Spanish essential oil

It is very simple to make this brilliant hair mask!

  1. Mix the coconut and olive oil together, depending on the temperature you might need to warm the coconut oil slightly.

  2. Add the honey and give it a good mix.

  3. Once you are happy with the consistency add the rosemary essential oil and stir again.

Now it is ready to use. Apply all over your hair and scalp – from root to tip. Allow the oils to soak in for around an hour then simply wash out with shampoo. You might need to shampoo your hair a couple of times to get all the oils out. Your hair should be left silky smooth and shiny. I would suggest this mask is done once to twice a week.

Store in a sealed bottle or container for up to 6 months.

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